Tungsten Bars

Although we excel at turning tungsten powder into finished components we also produce and stock tungsten sintered bars and billets for our customers. Unlike metal stockists, we supply our own tungsten alloy bars and billets direct to the end user or OEM without imposing large minimum order quantities or prohibitive lead times.   

The tungsten bars we produce are usually supplied sintered and in a rough oversized to finish (ROTF) condition, which allows our customers to machine them to the required dimensions. However, if preferred we can supply our tungsten bars and billets pre-machined to finished size. Our flexible production methodology enables us to offer low minimum order quantities on all made to order tungsten bars and billets.

Our tungsten bars and billets are available as follows:

  • Round tungsten bars – standard and custom tungsten bar sizes from stock or made to order
  • Flat tungsten bars and billets –  made to order with short lead times

Tungsten Bars – Design Advice

Notwithstanding the fact that we produce and stock tungsten bars for our customers to buy, we do not consider ourselves to be general metal stockists. We specialise in tungsten alloy products and to complement our supply of tungsten bars our team of industry specialists and qualified engineers can advise on the design and manufacturability of tungsten bars / components.

Tungsten alloys can be used for a variety of applications, including nuclear, automotive and aerospace sectors. The Wolfmet tungsten alloy production unit of M&I Materials is accredited to aerospace standard, AS9100 (BS EN 9100). In addition Wolfmet tungsten can be supplied in accordance with aerospace standards ASTM B777-15 or AMS 7725E. All Wolfmet materials include the tungsten bars are manufactured at our factory in Manchester, UK.

Work With Wolfmet

We regularly machine tungsten bars which eventually become end products such as boring bars, crankshaft weights or ballast. If you require tungsten bars or billets and would like to cut out the metal stockist and come straight to the manufacturer please get in touch today. You can find out more about our tungsten bars by using our online contact form or calling the team direct on telephone: 0161 864 5453.



Wolfmet tungsten alloys can be used in a variety of applications including radiation shielding, balancing, ballast and anti-vibration devices.