Tungsten in Motorsport

Motorsport, in particular high performance motorsport represents a demanding arena for automotive engineering in terms of innovation, development, performance and safety. As such, race teams require dependable, experienced suppliers that can deliver first-class solutions and meet exacting industry standards.

In the dynamic world of motorsport it is often crucial to make adjustments to race car balance in a very short space of time in order to keep ahead of the competition. The high density of Wolfmet tungsten alloy provides the perfect solution for race car ballast weights, vibration damping and associated components in high performance motorsport. Our extensive experience working with motorsport teams has given us the knowledge and flexibility that allows us to respond quickly to changing customer requirements.

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Using tungsten heavy alloy in high performance motorsport and how the knowledge and expertise gained from working with customers in such a prestigious and demanding industry can be applied across other markets, such as Aerospace, to ensure excellence.

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Tungsten Heavy Alloy in Motorsport

Tungsten heavy alloy is a specialised metal matrix composite that overcomes some of motor racing’s challenges, thanks to its high density. It is mainly used to help achieve optimum weight balance across the race cars, as its high density enables small, high mass components to be placed within exact locations. Consequently, teams can improve weight distribution and maximise performance. Being able to place the car weights in this way also helps racing teams fine tune various aspects of the cars, to optimise race set-up and high-speed stability.

Tungsten heavy alloy is also sometimes used as race car ballast to increase car weight in order to meet the minimum weight requirements within motorsport. For example, for certain motorsports the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) dictates the minimum weight of the car. By using high mass ballast manufactured from tungsten heavy alloy, teams are able to ensure the weight of a car complies with regulations at all times. In addition to race car ballast applications, racing crankshaft counterweights can be manufactured from tungsten heavy alloy to dampen engine vibrations and reduce the negative impact these can have on a race car’s performance. The racing crankshaft rotational speed changes rapidly during acceleration and braking, putting pressure on components. With a density of more than double that of steel and 60% greater than lead, tungsten heavy alloy counterweights are more compact, while having the strength and durability to ensure they can meet the high-performance requirements of the application.

The volume and complexity of modifications, in conjunction with compressed lead times during the race season, mean that race teams require dynamic manufacturing partners that can guarantee a rapid turnaround and produce high precision components to tight tolerances. Meeting these conditions is essential in an industry that demands the best and is represented by globally recognised brands such as MercedesPirelliBP and Castrol.

With many decades of experience supplying the automotive industry and over 15 years working specifically with high performance motorsport teams, Wolfmet has a rich heritage in the competitive automotive sector. Through a full-service production process, the Wolfmet team are experts at manufacturing a range of complex tungsten heavy alloy ballast designs for motorsport applications.

Complex application challenges can arise both before and during the season, and teams need access to an operationally efficient manufacturing partner to continually innovate and remain ahead of the competition. The Wolfmet team is highly experienced in producing tungsten heavy alloy components within short periods of time, with average timeframes from enquiry to completion measured in days.

As well as handling large volume runs, Wolfmet operations are agile enough to accommodate one-off projects that also arise during the busy motorsport season. This flexibility and proven track record of providing reliable solutions under pressure acts as a support function to teams, which are then able to work towards urgent deadlines, confident in the Wolfmet team’s ability to deliver on time. For a quote call today +44 (0) 161 864 5454.