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  • We are Wolfmet and We know Tungsten

    Welcome to Wolfmet.


  • Using tungsten heavy alloys to save weight

    An explanation of how Wolfmet tungsten heavy alloys can be used instead of lead to save weight in aerospace applications.


Brochures and Papers

  • M&I Materials brochure

    M&I Materials has built its business and its reputation on proven products, backed by specialist applications expertise.


  • M&I Materials history booklet

    Our technical teams are able to draw on more than 40 years’ experience to provide you with reliable, world-class service.


  • Wolfmet Aerospace Brochure

    Aerospace brochure – a guide detailing the benefits of using Wolfmet tungsten alloy in aerospace applications



    Applying the Tungsten Heavy Alloy Knowledge and Expertise in High Performance Motorsport to other Industries


  • Applying the Tungsten Heavy Alloy Knowledge and Expertise in High Performance Motorsport to other Industries

Technical data sheets

WOLFMET Tungsten Alloys Technical Information

Technical information for Wolfmet tungsten alloy grades


Wolfmet tungsten alloys radiation shielding data sheet

Radiation attenuation data sheet


Wolfmet tungsten alloys safety data sheet

Health and safety data sheet


Wolfmet 3D safety data sheet

Health and safety data sheet for Wolfmet 3D tungsten


Case Studies

  • Nuclear Medicine

    Innovation for personalised cancer treatment with Wolfmet 3D tungsten collimator and DEPICT Project


  • Wolfmet 3D Tungsten

    Examples of typical tungsten components produced by Wolfmet 3D



Wolfmet is manufactured in the UK by M&I Materials Ltd.
M&I Materials Ltd. is a strong global business that specialises in manufacturing materials for industry and science. Please see for further information.
M&I Materials Ltd. takes its responsibility to the environment very seriously and has achieved certification by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance under the Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001.
Please contact our expert sales team and they will be happy to answer all your questions.
Tel: +44 (0)161 864 5454
Wolfmet tungsten alloy is not available to buy online as choosing the correct grade is a specialised process and far more complex than could be supported this way. For sales, please contact the Wolfmet team, who will support you with their knowledge and experience prior to ordering.
Tel: +44 (0)161 864 5454
Wolfmet tungsten alloy components can vary so much in complexity that it is not possible to quote general lead times, however we always endeavour to satisfy customer requirements.
Wolfmet tungsten alloy is produced using powder metallurgy techniques. Please visit Manufacturing Tungsten for further details
• Wolfmet tungsten alloy is non-toxic, clean to handle and structurally rigid, unlike lead
• Wolfmet tungsten alloy is 60% denser than lead
• Wolfmet tungsten alloy is easily machinable, in contrast to pure tungsten
• Wolfmet tungsten alloy has no known health risks and does not require licensing or special procedures for machining, as is the case with depleted uranium
The machining of Wolfmet tungsten alloy requires specialist knowledge and M&I Materials has over 40 years’ experience producing components to meet customer specifications. We will be pleased to quote based on your specific requirements; however, should you want more information on machining Wolfmet tungsten alloy, contact us for an electronic copy of our machining guidelines.
Yes, we can carry out assembly work in our well-equipped machine shop. Our operatives are skilled at integrating Wolfmet tungsten alloy parts with other metal components, such as steel and aluminium, while our team of experienced engineers is able to advise on mechanical design of components.