Trusted by the Best!

We are approved to supply Wolfmet tungsten alloys to many major aircraft manufacturers including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer and Textron. As such we are recognised as one of the World’s leading aerospace tungsten providers.

If it sounds like we are boasting it is because we are! We are extremely proud of the achievements of our incredible team. Their unwavering commitment to producing quality products, maintaining consistent on time delivery rates and regularly making the impossible happen are just some of the reasons why Wolfmet achieved record sales in 2018.

But we don’t just excel in Aerospace.

Wolfmet make thousands of components for use in Nuclear Medicine, Nuclear Engineering and Industrial applications. We supply tungsten parts for Vibration Damping and Hot Metal Working. We also supply tungsten bars and billets, from stock or made to order with short lead times. In fact if it can be made from tungsten alloy we have probably made it.

If your tungsten alloy prices are rising or you are concerned about the impact of US import tariffs it could be time to find an alternative source? We would love the opportunity to provide our best price for your consideration. For a competitive quote please get in touch today.  

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