Showcasing Wolfmet Innovations at SNMMI 2016

Wolfmet capabilities are now enhanced by Selective Laser Melting (SLM) – producing precision tungsten components through an additive manufacturing process – and recent examples will be on display at SNMMI 2016 in San Diego.

Using data from a 3D file, SLM comprises a high powered laser that fuses successive layers of tungsten powder until a complex component is produced. Wolfmet SLM delivers clear advantages in the design and manufacture of parts such as collimators.


Customers report real benefits using Wolfmet SLM:

  • The ability to design highly complex components
  • Making shapes not possible via traditional milling and turning
  • Improved resolution via thinner septa and smaller apertures
  • No tooling costs for new designs and prototypes
  • No cost penalty for short production runs
  • Non-magnetic – MRI compatible
  • Reduced delivery times
  • Working with Wolfmet tungsten experts on design and production matters

To schedule a meeting at SNMMI 2016 please email Steve Jeffery: [email protected].