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Wolfmet 3D printed tungsten has played an important part in expanding gamma and x-ray research techniques around the world.

We’ve pioneered this area of additive manufacturing, working with leading institutions and universities to produce 3D printed tungsten components to intricate designs and specifications.

University of Liverpool, UK

Wolfmet’s 3D tungsten printed collimator contributed toward innovations in internal dosimetry as a tool for personalised cancer treatment. Traditional lead components were simply not suitable due to their mechanical properties, so turning to Wolfmet 3D was the only viable alternative.
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University of Pennsylvania, USA

Wolfmet 3D tungsten was used to produce two multiple-pinhole tungsten collimator tubes that formed an integral part of a dual-resolution multiple-pinhole microSPECT. Used sequentially, a whole-body image can be reconstructed in real time and areas of interest can be visualised quickly to determine positioning for hi-res scans.
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Victoria University, Canada

Wolfmet 3D manufactured a 3D-printed tungsten GRID collimator for the university, which facilitated cross-modality comparisons for spatially fractionated radiotherapy using conventional and FLASH-capable sources.
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University of Lancaster, UK

Wolfmet 3D was used for tungsten coded apertures that offered gamma-ray modulation properties for a novel mixed-field imaging system. The aperture had to be built using additive manufacturing methods due to the small size of the individual cells.
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Our precision and expertise in manufacturing tungsten has made Wolfmet 3D the “go-to” supplier where other commonly used materials in this type of research simply cannot be produced to the designs required and with short lead times.

There are many more projects underway using Wolfmet 3D tungsten, so if you are planning research that requires precisely manufactured pieces of material with unparalleled density and shielding properties, then please get in touch…

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