Free Tungsten Design For Manufacture Review

Wolfmet Tungsten Free Design for Manufacture Review

Are you worried about increasing lead times, rising costs, and supply chain security? Or like many, are you keen to make cost and time savings wherever you can? At M&I Materials we have worked tirelessly to continue to offer exactly that! Short lead times, confidence in supply and highly competitive prices! But not content with this we have been looking at how we can do more. The result: ‘Wolfmet Tungsten Design for Manufacture Review’.

What is the Wolfmet Tungsten Design for Manufacture Review?

Our design for manufacture offering began following a project investigating manufacturing efficiencies. We realised that during the last 40+ years our experts had reviewed thousands of drawings and coupled with their extensive knowledge of tungsten manufacture, they were brilliant in identifying ways to reduce waste, lead times and ultimately cost! This led us to thinking how useful it would be if these efficiencies could be built into tungsten components at the design and purchasing stages.

It turns many customers think it is very useful. So we want to extend our offering and give you the chance to challenge us to make savings! Visit today. Send us your drawings today and we will provide you with our best price.

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