Complex Collimator Designs with 3D Printed Tungsten

3D Printed Tungsten at SNMMI 2019

“Attenuation properties of 3D printed tungsten are superior to the lead alternative and the opportunity for bespoke collimator design is appealing.” Gear et al. EJNMMI Physics (2019)

Come and see for yourself the complex geometries that can be achieved through the 3D printing of tungsten. Wolfmet 3D medical samples will be on display at this year’s SNMMI 20‌19, 2‌2nd – 25th June, Anaheim, California – Booth 420.

Wolfmet 3D utilises a high powered laser to fuse successive layers of pure tungsten powder until a complex component is built. It is perfect for the manufacture of high-precision components including collimators and radiation shields in imaging systems, such as CT, SPECT, MR and X-ray. Furthermore, using Wolfmet 3D allows components to be produced cost effectively in weeks rather than months.

Complex Geometries

We believe Wolfmet 3D is transforming what is possible in collimator and shielding design and our customers have been keen to test this proposition. In addition to standard grid collimators, we have been making complex bespoke designs that deliver better results for our customers.

We also manufacture tungsten alloy radiation shields and collimators using the traditional method of manufacture. These components are popular because of Wolfmet tungsten’s remarkably high density. It is more than 60% denser than lead and therefore provides superior attenuation characteristics for x-ray and gamma radiation.

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