3D Printed Tungsten – Previously Impossible Complex Geometries

“Attenuation properties of 3D printed tungsten are superior to the lead alternative and the opportunity for bespoke collimator design is appealing.”
Gear et al. EJNMMI Physics (2019)

Above are the findings of tests carried out by the Joint Department of Physics, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and Institute of Cancer Research. The work aimed to characterise the attenuation properties of 3D printed tungsten and assess the feasibility for its use in gamma camera collimator manufacture. Click 3D Printed Tungsten to read more about the study.

The 3D printed tungsten components used in the testing were produced by


Wolfmet 3DWolfmet 3D is a form of 3D printing – specifically a selective laser melting process that utilises a high powered laser to fuse successive layers of pure tungsten powder in order to build complex components.

The geometries that can be achieved using Wolfmet 3D have attracted customers requiring highly complex components such as collimators and radiation shields in gamma and x-ray imaging systems. Applications include medical imaging, x-ray diffraction and cargo scanners. Conversely, it is the heat resistant properties of Wolfmet 3D components that are being recognised for applications such as space propulsion and thermal management. Potential applications include rocket nozzles, resistojets and combustion chamber shields in the motors of satellites and rockets.

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