3D Printed Tungsten Collimators

We are delighted to announce that the Joint Physics Dept of Royal Marsden Hospital/Institute of Cancer Research have carried out a series of tests on the tungsten parts we 3D printed for them. The 3D printed tungsten parts were produced using our own unique 3D printing process – Wolfmet 3D. This process is used extensively for printing complex parts in particular 3D printed tungsten collimators. The research has concluded that:

“Attenuation properties of 3D printed tungsten are superior to the lead alternative and the opportunity for bespoke collimator design is appealing.”

Wolfmet 3D Typical Components
Typical 3D Printed Tungsten Components

The results have been published in the EJNMMI. You can read them here: https://rdcu.be/biYTQ (Thanks to Jon Gear and his colleagues).

Read more about our 3D printed tungsten collimators at Wolfmet 3D.