3D Printed Tungsten at TCT 2018, Birmingham, UK

Showcasing at TCT 2018 – 25th- 27th Sept, Wolfmet 3D is the revolutionary additive manufacturing process provided by M&I Materials. SLM technology is combined with pure tungsten powder to produce complex components. The advantage is Wolfmet 3D can produce geometries not possible with CNC machining, which allows designers to give free rein to their imagination.

Wolfmet 3D Components

Wolfmet 3D has been used in a wide range of industries but it is currently most extensively used in the manufacture of high-precision components such as collimators and radiation shields in imaging systems, such as CT, SPECT, MR and X-ray.

Wolfmet 3D printed tungsten components are non-magnetic, non-toxic and environmentally safe. In addition using Wolfmet 3D allows products to be produced quickly and cost effectively.