Vibration damping

Manufacturing and fabricating companies regularly use Wolfmet tungsten alloy when vibration needs to be eliminated as its superior attenuation properties help to lessen the physical impact of high levels of force.

Wolfmet tungsten is also very dense and therefore offers an excellent solution to manage dynamic vibration and provide balance in rotational components, flywheels, and turbine blades eliminating vibration that would otherwise adversely affect operation.

Wolfmet’s expertise in manufacturing tungsten allows components to be made to very tight tolerances in a wide range of shapes to meet specific customer designs.

Bucking bars

In industries where riveting is a major activity, Wolfmet tungsten alloy is often selected as the preferred material for bucking bars (also known as riveting dollies, hand reaction tools or hand anvils) to absorb the force of rivet guns. A major concern to operators of riveting guns is the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, or vibration white finger, which damages the nerves, muscles and bones in an operator’s hand.

Using Wolfmet tungsten alloy, either for the complete bucking bar or just the impact face, is an excellent way of reducing the adverse effects of rivet gun operation. Its density reduces the stress on the operator to safeguard health and enhance efficiency. Tests carried out by a major airframe manufacturer showed that Wolfmet tungsten alloy bucking bars enabled its workforce to save up to three seconds per rivet.

Boring bars

In circumstances where vibration needs to be eliminated, for example in CNC machinery, Wolfmet tungsten alloy boring bars will ensure stability of the shaft and accuracy of the operation. This is because Wolfmet tungsten alloy offers high density coupled with a high modulus of elasticity.

When compared to standard steel tool holders, Wolfmet tungsten alloy has superior damping qualities, resulting in reduced vibration in the tool shank and leading to a better finish on the work piece. In addition, its inherent rigidity allows increased length to diameter ratio, compared to steel bars.


Wolfmet tungsten alloys can be used in a variety of applications including radiation shielding, balancing, ballast and anti-vibration devices.

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