Nuclear research

Wolfmet tungsten alloy is used in a wide variety of applications within the nuclear research field to provide effective shielding against gamma radiation.

Nuclear research facilities use reactors, cyclotrons and synchrotrons to study or create radioactive materials. Wolfmet tungsten alloy plays a crucial role here – whether as a beamstop in a synchrotron, local shielding in a hot cell or as an isotope container, its combination of high density and excellent attenuation properties make it the ideal material.

As nuclear experiments use a range of scientific instruments, it is essential that the sensitive electronics within them are protected from the harmful effects of gamma radiation.

The high density of Wolfmet tungsten alloy allows for a reduction in the size of shielding components without compromising the protection against radiation. This is a distinct advantage in areas where space is limited. Wolfmet tungsten alloy is also used as collimators to guide or focus beams of radiation. In both the production and handling of radioactive isotopes, Wolfmet shielding offers the protection essential for nuclear research personnel.

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Wolfmet Tungsten Alloys are not only very dense, but they are also very good at attenuating ionising radiation. This makes them ideal for shielding applications such as in nuclear medicine or in the nuclear industry.

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