Non-Magnetic Tungsten Alloy

Wolfmet tungsten alloys can be manufactured from a range of grades. These tungsten alloy grades are suitable for a wide variety of applications. We offer two ranges of alloys. ‘HE’ is our standard range of alloys and ‘HA’ is our non-magnetic range.


In specialised applications low magnetic permeability may be critical. Here customer can chose a grade from our non-magnetic HA range. HA is defined by a magnetic permeability lower than or equal to 1.05μ.

This ‘HA’ non-magnetic range includes HA 190 which has tungsten content of 90%, HA 1925 - tungsten content of 92.5% and HA 195 - tungsten content of 95%. All these non-magnetic grades have a binder matrix of Nickel (Ni) and Copper (Cu) in solid solution (in which intermetallic phases are possible). Low coercivity can be expected in the region of 0-280 A/m (as sintered).

Both our HA and HE grades of tungsten alloy offer the same benefits in terms of high density and attenuation.


  • MRI-compatible components
  • Instruments
  • Watch making
  • Shielding electrical sensors in applications such as well logging
  • Rotating inertial rotors used in the vicinity of guidance system

MRI employs a strong magnetic field, the magnetic field extends beyond the machine and exerts very powerful forces on iron, some steels, and other magnetisable objects. It is reportedly strong enough to fling a wheelchair across the room.

Recent developments in molecular imaging have seen the evolution of scanners which can perform simultaneous MRI and PET scans. This combines images of soft tissue (MRI) with images of the metabolic processes of organs at the molecular level (PET).

Non-magnetic MRI Compatible Wolfmet tungsten alloy syringe box

PET requires the patient to be injected with a radioactive form of glucose. This in turn requires tungsten alloy shielding for syringes and transport containers to protect the nursing staff against long term exposure to radiation. As the syringes and containers are in the same room as the MRI scans it is critical that they are MRI compatible.

The Wolfmet team were approached to manufacture an MRI-compatible tungsten box for transporting syringes. The box would carry shielded syringes into the MRI room for MRI-PET scans. The customer had chosen tungsten alloys because of its radiation shielding properties but they selected our HA 195 grade specifically because it was non-magnetic and would not cause a problem with regards the MRI scanner. The non-magnetic tungsten alloy box can be seen above.

To read more about the difference tungsten alloy grades available please visit tungsten grades.

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