Hot metal working

Wolfmet HM 490 has been developed specifically for hot metal working applications. Typical applications of Wolfmet tungsten alloy in hot metal working include extrusion dies for copper and copper alloys, and tooling for low pressure die casting of aluminium and brass.

Due to its high tungsten content, Wolfmet HM 490 has excellent resistance to erosion, metal pick-up, and the effects of thermal cycling. This can result in extended life and reduced down time, in turn leading to increased productivity.

With more than 40 years’ experience working with tungsten, the Wolfmet team can machine Wolfmet HM 490 into a wide range of shapes and to very tight tolerances, ensuring customers receive the perfect solution.

Die casting tooling for aluminium and brass

The high tungsten content of Wolfmet HM 490 significantly increases the operating life of die casting tooling (such as spreaders, sprue bushes and core pins) compared with steel or cast iron components. This enables a longer production run time with fewer maintenance breaks for cleaning or replacing parts, resulting in significant cost benefits.

Wolfmet HM 490 has good resistance to thermal cycling which prevents cracking or heat-checking. It also has excellent resistance to erosion, which reduces metal pick-up.

The photographs show the difference between a steel spreader and a spreader made of Wolfmet HM 490 after use in the same aluminium low pressure die casting application.

After just 350 castings the steel spreader showed severe erosion and needed to be replaced.

awi-steel-350-shotImage of steel spreader after 350 castings.

After 10,000 castings the Wolfmet HM 490 spreader was still in good working order, producing castings with a good surface finish.

awi-490-10k-shotsImage of a Wolfmet HM 490 spreader after more than 10,000 castings.


Extrusion dies

Wolfmet HM 490 tungsten alloy can save time and money in the extrusion of copper and copper alloys. Its high tungsten content offers good resistance to erosion, soldering and the effects of heat cycling, as well as reduced metal pick up, improving the surface finish of extrusions. This significantly increases the operating life of die inserts compared to the same components made from steel or stellite and allows longer production run time with fewer maintenance breaks. Wolfmet HM 490 can be supplied as blanks or as finished machined inserts.

Wolfmet tungsten alloy safety data sheet

Health and safety data sheet. To find out more, click download or contact us today.