Crankshaft Weights

Wolfmet tungsten alloy is an excellent material for use in crankshaft balancing. All engines need perfectly balanced crankshafts to ensure optimised performance. If a crankshaft is not correctly balanced the consequences can be severe including reduced lifetime, excessive vibration and a loss of power from the engine. This becomes even more important in high performance engines and high power diesel units. Stresses caused by imbalance in these engines can cause early failure.

The high density of tungsten alloy means it can be used to produce compact, highly durable weights for use in crankshaft balancing. Tungsten alloy crankshaft weights can be placed in the precise location where they are needed to provide optimum performance. The fact that tungsten alloy crankshaft weights are smaller than equivalent steel weights also means external balancing may not be needed in engines where internal space is limited.

Our experts at M&I Material can machine Wolfmet into a wide variety of shapes and to very tight tolerances, allowing the creation of bespoke precision crankshaft weights. M&I Materials has more than 40 years of experience in working with Wolfmet Tungsten Alloy and we are happy to work with customers to produce the perfect solution.

We excel in manufacturing tungsten crankshafts weights for applications such as Motorsport, Marine Diesel and Off Highway.

Benefits of Wolfmet for Crankshaft Weights
  • Very high density; allows for smaller balance weights
  • M&I experts can machine tungsten alloys to tight tolerances
  • Tough and durable
  • wolfmet is manufactured in the UK to the highest British standards
  • Over 40 years’ experience in tungsten

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Download Wolfmet Tungsten Alloys Technical data

Wolfmet tungsten alloys can be used in a variety of applications including radiation shielding, balancing, ballast and anti-vibration devices.

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