Balance weights and ballast

Wolfmet tungsten alloy is ideally suited to balance weight and ballast applications within both the aerospace and motorsport industries. Thanks to its extremely high density, it can be used to create the smallest possible weights, allowing a large mass to be placed even where space is limited.

In aerospace applications, Wolfmet tungsten alloy can help balance control surfaces, simulate aircraft loading, or bring the centre of gravity into the allowable range. In motorsport, compact weights can be used to provide effective weight distribution and obtain the optimum balance to reduce unwanted vibrations.

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Wolfmet tungsten heavy alloy is ideal for producing balance weights and ballast for use on an aircraft. This is due to its extremely high density, which allows for the smallest possible weights to be used.

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Thanks to its high density and ability to provide heavy weight in a smaller space, Wolfmet tungsten alloy is ideal for use in motorsport applications.

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With approvals to supply Wolfmet tungsten heavy alloys to a number of principal aircraft manufacturers, we are recognised as one of the World’s leading aerospace tungsten providers.

This brochure explains the benefits of using Wolfmet tungsten heavy alloys in aerospace applications.

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