Tungsten Selective Laser Melting – Redefining what’s Possible at EMIM 2017

Wolfmet specialises in producing complex tungsten collimators using our additive manufacturing process – Selective Laser Melting (SLM). SLM allows the manufacture of high-precision components by building up successive layers of tungsten to achieve geometries which cannot be produced by conventional machining techniques. The design of tungsten collimators is no longer restricted by the limitations of traditional machining methods.

We believe that using SLM transforms what’s possible in collimator and shielding design and our customers have been keen to test this proposition. In addition to standard grid collimators, we have been making complex bespoke designs that deliver better results for our customers.

Wolfmet Tungsten Selective Laser Melting at EMIM 2017

Wolfmet SLM at EMIM 2017

is ideal for components such as collimators and radiation shields in imaging systems, such as CT, SPECT, MR and X-ray.

What does Wolfmet SLM mean for you?

  • Production of highly complex component designs
  • Geometries not possible with traditional milling and turning
  • Reduced scatter due to denser septa resulting in more accurate images than with traditional lead collimators
  • Reduced development costs with no tooling charges
  • Reduced time from design to production of finished item
  • Non-magnetic, non-toxic, environmentally safe product

EMIM 2017

We will also be displaying some of our recent Wolfmet SLM projects at EMIM 2017, Cologne, Germany, April 5th-7th. If you are attending please stop by Stand 16 and learn first-hand how we are changing what’s possible in collimator and shielding design.

For more information please tel: +44 (0)161 864 5453 or email wolfmetsales@mimaterials.com