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Tungsten in Aerospace

Tungsten in Aerospace

With approvals to supply Wolfmet tungsten to many leading aircraft manufacturers; M&I Materials Ltd has long been recognised as the UK’s number one provider of tungsten for aerospace.

There are many areas in an aircraft where the precise placement of extra weight is required. Amongst other things extra mass in the right location can provide vibration damping, balancing for rotors, ballast when needed and counterweights for control surfaces. 

Wolfmet heavy tungsten alloy is ideally suited to aircraft applications because it has very high density, which allows for the smallest possible weights. This attribute can be particularly valuable in situations where a large mass has to be contained in a confined space. 

Wolfmet is also a highly durable, long lasting material so it will withstand the harshest operating conditions. In addition, Wolfmet is non-toxic, unlike other high density materials that have been used in aerospace, such as depleted uranium.

M&I Materials manufacture balance weights, ballast weights, blade weights, anti-flutter weights and bucking bars. For more specific information about Wolfmet components for aerospace please contact us today - 

Our Service

Due to very high safety standards the aerospace industry requires rigorous levels of traceability and quality control in all aspects of manufacturing and supply chain. Customers can be assured that M&I Materials meets all the needs of this particular industry, by having excellent production facilities, which are fully accredited to ISO9001 and AS9100.

In addition, M&I Materials has over 40 years of experience producing high quality tungsten components and can machine them to very tight tolerances, to meet a broad range of customer requirements. Wolfmet alloy components can be produced in small runs of bespoke items, or large quantities for long production runs. Customers have the option to buy either finished components or raw tungsten blocks for final machining themselves.

The ability of M&I Materials to supply high quality components is demonstrated in the achievement of numerous high profile tungsten alloy supplier accreditations. In addition, to supplying large multinational clients, M&I Materials can provide the same high level of service to small and medium sized companies, needing just a few components.

Benefits of using Wolfmet in Aerospace

  • High density; heavy weight in a smaller spaceNBAA Logo
  • Experts at M&I can machine to close tolerances
  • Non-toxic; non-radioactive
  • Able to recycle at end-of-life
  • Short lead-times for flight test ballast
  • Latest certification (AS9100 Rev C, AMS 7725E, ASTM B777-07)
  • Wolfmet is manufactured in the UK
  • Over 40 years' experience in tungsten

For more information about Wolfmet or how we can help you with your project, please contact us via or talk to us today by calling +44 (0)161 864 5454.

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