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Specialist Materials for Industry and Science

Tungsten Applications

Tungsten Applications


Aerospace designers turn to Wolfmet Tungsten Heavy Alloys when they need to balance aircraft or reduce vibration. Its high density makes Wolfmet ideal for use where mass is critical yet space is at a premium, whilst its inherent machinability make it ideal for manufacturing components to fine tolerances. Used effectively, these key characteristics can bring valuable weight savings to an aircraft build.

Radiation Shielding

The superior attenuation properties of Wolfmet Tungsten Alloy make it ideal for shielding against X rays and gamma radiation. At 60% greater density than lead, Wolfmet tungsten shielding permits a reduction in the physical size of components, with no compromise in effectiveness of its shielding characteristics.

Nuclear Medicine

Wolfmet Tungsten Alloy is a valuable solution for shielding in Nuclear Medicines. Being non-toxic and durable Wolfmet is ideal for the manufacture of pots and shields for individual doses of radioactive medicines, and its superior machinability makes it very well suited to the precise manufacturing requirements of multi-leaf collimators which aid accurate focus of beams on cancerous cells.

Industrial Shielding

Due to its excellent attenuation properties, Wolfmet Tungsten Alloy is ideal for a wide variety of industrial shielding situations ranging from protecting operators of non-destructive testing equipment through to shielding process flow monitoring equipment, cargo scanners and geo-logging applications. Due to its high density compared to other materials such as lead, Wolfmet may offer engineers the opportunity to design thinner or lighter weight shields. 


With its stringent regulations governing many aspects of vehicle build, Wolfmet Tungsten Heavy Alloy provides the perfect solution to approach the fine tuning of weight and performance in competitive motorsports. Automotive design engineers can specify compact ballast weights, and vibration damping components due to Wolfmet’s high density, providing effective weight in compact form.


Due to its attenuation properties, Wolfmet is very effective at lessening the impact of high levels of force and is a prime material choice for bucking bars or riveting dollies, particularly where they are being used in hard to reach areas or where high-power is being applied. Wolfmet boring bars ensure stability of the shaft on CNC machinery, lending accuracy to each operation.

Hot Metal Working

Wolfmet Tungsten Alloy can save time and money in hot metal working. The high tungsten content of Wolfmet HM 490 offers good resistance to thermal cracking, erosion, soldering and the effects of heat cycling in hot metal working processes.

Haptic Controls

Wolfmet Tungsten Alloys are used in haptic controls to provide kinesthetic communication for operators of robotic machinery; synthesising touch in delicate robotic surgery or offering the impression of weight when using remotely controlled manipulators.

Inertial Mass

Where the properties of inertial mass are required, designers can turn to Wolfmet, utilising its high density in gyroscopes or to maintain momentum in flywheels.

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