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Tungsten Applications

Tungsten Applications


Wolfmet tungsten alloys are generally used by aerospace designers for balancing components or reducing vibration. The high density of Wolfmet materials allows maximum sensitivity from optimum mass and is particularly valuable in situations where a large mass has to be contained in a confined space.

Radiation Shielding

Wolfmet tungsten alloy is ideal for shielding against X rays and gamma radiation. The very high density of Wolfmet tungsten shielding (more than 60% denser than lead) allows a reduction in the physical size of shielding components, without compromising their rigidity or the effectiveness of the shielding characteristics.

Nuclear Medicine

Positron emission tomography (PET) is one of the nuclear medicine techniques available for diagnosis. Whilst X-rays provide information on the structure of the body, PET shows the chemical function of a particular organism.

Industrial Radiography

Nuclear research establishments use nuclear reactors or cyclotrons to study or create radioactive materials. Wolfmet tungsten alloy is used in research activities such as collimators (devices which guide or focus beams of radiation) or containers for radioactive isotopes.


Wolfmet applications in the automotive sector comprise short lead-time, one-off components, such as in the motor sport sector and long run, standard parts for engine and transmission OEMs for series production.


Wolfmet tungsten alloy can save time and money in hot metal working. The high tungsten content of Wolfmet HM 490 offers good resistance to thermal cracking, erosion, soldering and the effects of heat cycling in hot metal working processes.

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